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Services That We Provide:

A brief discussion about our UPHOLSTERY CLEANING:

Steamaway Carpet Cleaning offers upholstery cleaning services that can revitalize the appearance and help extend the life of your couch, sofa, chair, loveseat, or any other upholstered piece of furniture you have. Steamaway Carpet Cleaning will ensure that your upholstery is deep cleaned leaving it vibrant and fresh. This will help ensure your furniture doesn't become matted or faded so you can enjoy your upholstery for many more years to come. Once Steamaway Carpet Cleaning cleans your upholstered furniture, you will be more than happy that you chose us.  

Facts about Upholstery Cleaning and Area Rug Cleaning:

The key to furniture cleaning is knowing the correct cleaning method for each type of particular fabric. Almost all upholstered furniture is more delicate than carpet; therefore, a sophisticated delicate upholstery cleaning process is essential in order to ensure your furniture is properly cleaned without harming the fibers. In some instances, upholstered furniture is made up of natural fibers much like most area rugs. These natural fibers, such as wool, need to be prepared for color fastness to prevent color bleeding or the material from shrinking from its original form. Steamaway Carpet Cleaning will provide the professional upholstery cleaning steps needed to ensure the safest cleaning method for the particular fiber of your particular upholstered piece of furniture.  We clean wool, micro-fiber, suede, leather, nylon, olefin, polyester, silk, and many more.

Our Guarantee:

We not only offer a guarantee on carpet cleaning, but we also offer a guarantee on tile and grout cleaning, upholstery cleaning, carpet stretching, carpet repairs, as well as, all of our other cleaning services. Here at Steamaway Carpet Cleaning we want you to be more than a one-time customer, we want you as a repeat customer for life.   

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