Did we mention that we offer 300 DEGREE CARPET STEAM CLEANING?

Here at Steamaway Carpet Cleaning, we use state of the art truck-mounted equipment for efficiency and cleanliness for all your cleaning needs. If that isn't enough to set ourselves apart from our competition, we also utilize water softeners in each and every one of our carpet cleaning vehicles along with a neutralizing rinse agent, all of which are included at no additional cost. Some of the benefits of using a water softener and a neutralizing rinse are to ensure our customers carpets are left soft, dry times are literally cut in half compared to our competitors, while also ensuring there is no residue left behind. Some of our competitors try to cut corners when it comes to adding these luxury features as part of their equipment, simply because these features don't come cheap, nor are they simple add-on's.

Every carpet cleaning service package that we provide includes:
  • enzyme pre-spray
  • spotter
  • 300 degrees of pure steam (soft water utilization)
  • neutralized rinse agent with a perfect neutral balanced PH buffer
  • double dry stroke passes
  • deodorizer

We take pride in our work, along with our reputation. In doing so, we want a customer for life, and this is why we go the extra mile to ensure our customers are completely satisfied. By exceeding our customers' expectations, we are able to not only provide our customers with the utmost quality, but we are also able to keep our cost of cleaning services down by eliminating the need to pay for over-priced TV ads or giant billboards to market for new potential customers. Unlike some of our big-box named brand competitors who have to pay for these ridiculous marketing strategies, but some of these companies also have to pass on the cost of their franchise fees to you, the consumer. Therefore, our marketing strategy is simple, effective, and very affordable. Through the years of expertise, innovative strategies, professionalism, we have discovered, if you meet or beat your customers' expectations, they will continue to use your services in the future, along with referring their family and friends to the best, Steamaway Carpet Cleaning. With that being said, I'll sum it up, our customers market our company for us!

Steamaway Carpet Cleaning is a prestigious locally owned and operated carpet cleaning company that continues to serve Albuquerque and the surrounding cities for many more years to come.
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